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Welcome to Bedbug Control Stonehaven for all your Bed Bug infestation problems at affordable prices with our fully trained and qualified Pest Controllers in Stonehaven.
Bedbug Control Stonehaven can help with all Bedbug Control throughout Stonehaven and surrounding areas.

Bedbug Control Stonehaven offers you affordable prices and all our Pest Controllers are fully trained and qualified and will talk you through each step of the way, they will also give you advise where needed to deter Bedbugs from returning to your property in the future.

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How to get rid of Woodlice

Woodlice does not spread  disease but  severely cause damage to our valuable furniture’s and wallpaper’s.Basically they live in the ground floors  because they are damp lovers.They will die in the upper roof or upper floors  because they easily dehydrated in the warm environment.These Woodlice can be controlled by pesiticide spray like PRO-ACTIVE C,probably this effective spray does not control the problem totally so avoid damp areas in your house and stop leaking taps. Re-point walls if there are gaps in the pointing as woodlice are well known for living in old garden walls. If you are really serious, you may want to check your gutters as, debris in gutters provides good food and harbourage for the wood louse.


Difference Between Butterfly and Moth

Although Butterflies and Moths appear very much alike, there are quite a number of differences.

1. A butterfly’s antenna have knobs at the ends of their feelers.
2. moth’s antenna is either feather like or plain.
3. butterflies have brightly colored wings.
4.butterflies have slender, hairless bodies.
5.Butterflies form a chrysalis during the pupa stage of their lives.
6.Butterflies do not have this hook.

1.moth’s antenna is either feather like or plain.
2.moths rest with their wings spread out flat.
3. moths have dull colored wings.
4.moths have a fat abdomen and furry bodies.
5. In moths, the chrysalis is normally contained inside a cocoon.Most moths have tiny hook or bristle hooking the forewings and hind wings together.

Ways to Protect the Fruit Trees from Animals

Everyone like to plant fruit trees in their home garden,because fresh fruits are always healthy and they are hygienic.Fruit trees in the garden make feel to happy and joy to harvest the fruit.Likewise wild animals are also like fruit trees,if they reach the tree certainly they will damage the tree that it may not produce any fruit for the season and some may eventually die off.This valuable fruit trees should be protected from animals by wrapping wire, wood veneer, or plastic around their trunks.Another issuse is small animals like field mice,rabbit and more.they built their nest below the fruit tree and eat the fruits whenever they feel after planting your trees,immediately put fench around each individual tree.


The Bluebottle is a large buzzing fly with shiny, steellic blue frame, 6-12mm long.

One Bluebottle can lay up to 600 eggs, which in warm climate will hatch in underneath forty eight hours and convey maggots which is able to become absolutely advanced in a week. These maggots burrow into meat or carrion as they feed on it, and then pupate, frequently in loose soil, for about ten days before emerging as grownup flies from the brown pupal case.

Bluebottles, like different flies, are incessantly found around refuse pointers, rotting animal topic, dust and dustbins. They trip from dirt to food, and raise bacteria on their legs, toes and bodies.

Remedy: stay dustbins clean, with tight lids and amanner from doors or home windows.keep meat and different food coated. Use an insecticidal dustbin powder. Indoors, use an aerosol flyspray. consider fitting fly displays over kitchen and dining area home windows.

Blow Flies

Blow flies are so called as a result of they have been believed to “blow” their eggs, or larvae on to exposed mconsumes. it is a general description of a number of species of large humming flies, which come with the Bluebottle,Greenbottle and the Flesh Fly. all of them like sunlight and are interested in meat or carrion, and all may be found around dustbins in scorching summer season weather.

Their feeding behavior (they vomit onto food to melt it up) and filthy feet, infect food, especially meat merchandise, as they feed or are seeking egg-laying sites. Their Latin names indicate their habits; Calliphora vomitoria, Sarcophaga carnaria and Cyanomyia cadaverina are however three contributors of the group with a perfect capacity for transmitting the bacterial sellers of food poisoning.

Biscuit Beetles

These are intently associated with not unusual furnishings Beetles or Woodworm. They are small reddish-brown insects, most effective approximately 3mm long, which attack stored meals in domestic larders.

Flour, biscuits, cake mixes, cereals, spices, meat and soup powders will attract them, and they have even been discovered thriving on such poisonous elements as strychnine, belladonna and aconite – hence the beetle’s American title; Drug store Beetle.

They have been recognized to penetrate tin foil and lead, and have even bopink via a shelf-stuffed with books.

The white larvae are very small and somewhat active when they hatch. They feed and grow for approximately 4 months prior to knitting themselves cocoons of meals particles in which to pupate.

REMEDY: Throw out any infested meals and punctiliously blank out any food residues from spaces the place the beetles or their grubs are found; then use a puffer pack of insect powder or a family insecticide aerosol over the surfaces and into any crevices the place they may lurk. select a product labelled for the keep watch over of beetles.


Your popularity, your skill to operate usually and your customers’ perception of your company can be very quickly broken by means of an unexpected and unwelcome pest infestation. Of course, you already are smartly mindful that you have got a legal responsibility to make sure the cleanliness and hygiene standards in your enterprise premises, but do you know that is as so much to give protection to your body of workers as your customers?

As the food industry tries to reassure the general public that each one steps are taken to verify the products they devour or buy from stores and supermarkets are blank and germ loose,Pest Control Scotland stands shoulder to shoulder with all corporations and manufacturers, massive and small, combating for your health and welfare.

Domestic Pest Control

when you’ve were given a problem with pests, only one telephone name to Pest Control Scotland is the quickest and so much efficient strategy to get rid of it! Even the most immaculately automotiveed for and spotlessly blank home can be afflicted by undesirable and unwelcome infestations from Rats, Cockroaches, Wasps, bed bugs, Ants, Mice, Pigeons and so forth, but if this is that drawback long gone – go to Pest Control Scotland .

Our pleasant and professional uniformed technicians know exactly which might be remedy even the most difficult or unpleasant pest drawback. And whenever you’d sooner we arrived at your home “discreetly”, so that only you and us recognize you have a pest problem, we can arvary for our technician to turn up in a simple unmarked car. find out extra approximately Pest Control Scotland and the kind of pest issues we solve via surfing via our web website.

Brown house Moth

shiny gold/brown moth roughly 10mm in length. The wing tips have a furry/feathery look and the wings themselves have dark brown spots (even if those can simply be rubbed off). The larvae of these bugs can lead to substantial harm after they feed on articles that contain wool, mohair, fur, hair, feathers or other products of animal beginning.

The Brown space Moth will even feed on different natural particles including dried or mouldy food waste. The female lays as much as 500 white eggs at the floor of materials which can hatch into larvae in as little as 10 days. The duration of larval trend is 6 weeks (below perfect conditions), throughout which period the larvae actively feed on fabrics etc.