Cheap Rat Control Edinburgh

Cheap Rat Control Edinburgh Cheap Rat Control Edinburgh can offer you not only a Professional Service but an affordable one too. We only use high end products to ensure there is just one visit to your property for the safe removal of rats and any other rodent you may have. We cover Edinburgh and nearby areas […]

Bed Bug Control in Stonehaven

Bed Bug Control in Stonehaven   Welcome to Bedbug Control Stonehaven for all Bedbug infestation problems and at affordable prices with our fully trained and qualified Pest Controllers covering Stonehaven and nearby areas. We offer you affordable prices but only use high quality chemicals for the safe eradication of bedbugs and all our Pest Controllers […]

How to Ret Rid of Woodlice Scotland

How to Ret Rid of Woodlice Scotland How to Ret Rid of Woodlice Scotland. Woodlice do not spread disease but severely cause damage to our valuable furniture and wallpaper within your home. Basically they live on the ground floors because they are damp lovers. Woodlice are more prevalent to be around in Winter, Autumn and […]

Difference Between Butterfly and Moth

Although Butterflies and Moths appear very much alike, there are quite a number of differences. Butterfly: 1. A butterfly’s antenna have knobs at the ends of their feelers. 2. moth’s antenna is either feather like or plain. 3. butterflies have brightly colored wings. 4.butterflies have slender, hairless bodies. 5.Butterflies form a chrysalis during the pupa […]

Ways to Protect the Fruit Trees from Animals

Everyone like to plant fruit trees in their home garden,because fresh fruits are always healthy and they are hygienic.Fruit trees in the garden make feel to happy and joy to harvest the fruit.Likewise wild animals are also like fruit trees,if they reach the tree certainly they will damage the tree that it may not produce […]

Bluebottles Problems Scotland

Bluebottles Problems Scotland Bluebottles Problems Scotland. The Bluebottle is a large buzzing fly with a shiny a metallic blue body, which is approximately 6-12mm long. It is only when they appear in large numbers these bluebottles can become cause for concern, and this is usually the case for one of two reasons: Either there is infested food matter […]

Blow Flies

Blow flies are so called as a result of they have been believed to “blow” their eggs, or larvae on to exposed mconsumes. it is a general description of a number of species of large humming flies, which come with the Bluebottle,Greenbottle and the Flesh Fly. all of them like sunlight and are interested in […]


Your popularity, your skill to operate usually and your customers’ perception of your company can be very quickly broken by means of an unexpected and unwelcome pest infestation. Of course, you already are smartly mindful that you have got a legal responsibility to make sure the cleanliness and hygiene standards in your enterprise premises, but […]

Domestic Pest Control

when you’ve were given a problem with pests, only one telephone name to Pest Control Scotland is the quickest and so much efficient strategy to get rid of it! Even the most immaculately automotiveed for and spotlessly blank home can be afflicted by undesirable and unwelcome infestations from Rats, Cockroaches, Wasps, bed bugs, Ants, Mice, […]

Brown house Moth

shiny gold/brown moth roughly 10mm in length. The wing tips have a furry/feathery look and the wings themselves have dark brown spots (even if those can simply be rubbed off). The larvae of these bugs can lead to substantial harm after they feed on articles that contain wool, mohair, fur, hair, feathers or other products […]