How to Ret Rid of Woodlice Scotland

How to Ret Rid of Woodlice Scotland

How to Ret Rid of Woodlice Scotland. Woodlice do not spread disease but severely cause damage to our valuable furniture and wallpaper within your home. Basically they live on the ground floors because they are damp lovers.

Woodlice are more prevalent to be around in Winter, Autumn and Spring  and will be less lightly to be around in the summer due to lower damp in the summer months. They feed on mould growth so if you make sure you have no mouldy areas within your home this will deter the woodlice.

They will start to die if they get into the upper roof area or upper floors because they easily dehydrated in the warm environment. These Woodlice can be controlled by pesticide spray like PRO-ACTIVE C, probably this effective spray does not control the problem totally, but it will help if you can prevent damp areas in your house.

Another good prevention is to Re-point walls if there are gaps in the pointing as woodlice are well known for living in old garden walls.

If you would like further information on Woodlice or if you would like them treated Professionally we can help, you can contact our friendly team today who are all fully Qualified Pest Controllers and they will go through everything with you and help deter these from your home in the future.

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