Difference Between Butterfly and Moth

Although Butterflies and Moths appear very much alike, there are quite a number of differences.

1. A butterfly’s antenna have knobs at the ends of their feelers.
2. moth’s antenna is either feather like or plain.
3. butterflies have brightly colored wings.
4.butterflies have slender, hairless bodies.
5.Butterflies form a chrysalis during the pupa stage of their lives.
6.Butterflies do not have this hook.

1.moth’s antenna is either feather like or plain.
2.moths rest with their wings spread out flat.
3. moths have dull colored wings.
4.moths have a fat abdomen and furry bodies.
5. In moths, the chrysalis is normally contained inside a cocoon.Most moths have tiny hook or bristle hooking the forewings and hind wings together.