The Bluebottle is a large buzzing fly with shiny, steellic blue frame, 6-12mm long.

One Bluebottle can lay up to 600 eggs, which in warm climate will hatch in underneath forty eight hours and convey maggots which is able to become absolutely advanced in a week. These maggots burrow into meat or carrion as they feed on it, and then pupate, frequently in loose soil, for about ten days before emerging as grownup flies from the brown pupal case.

Bluebottles, like different flies, are incessantly found around refuse pointers, rotting animal topic, dust and dustbins. They trip from dirt to food, and raise bacteria on their legs, toes and bodies.

Remedy: stay dustbins clean, with tight lids and amanner from doors or home windows.keep meat and different food coated. Use an insecticidal dustbin powder. Indoors, use an aerosol flyspray. consider fitting fly displays over kitchen and dining area home windows.