Blow Flies

Blow flies are so called as a result of they have been believed to “blow” their eggs, or larvae on to exposed mconsumes. it is a general description of a number of species of large humming flies, which come with the Bluebottle,Greenbottle and the Flesh Fly. all of them like sunlight and are interested in meat or carrion, and all may be found around dustbins in scorching summer season weather.

Their feeding behavior (they vomit onto food to melt it up) and filthy feet, infect food, especially meat merchandise, as they feed or are seeking egg-laying sites. Their Latin names indicate their habits; Calliphora vomitoria, Sarcophaga carnaria and Cyanomyia cadaverina are however three contributors of the group with a perfect capacity for transmitting the bacterial sellers of food poisoning.