Biscuit Beetles

These are intently associated with not unusual furnishings Beetles or Woodworm. They are small reddish-brown insects, most effective approximately 3mm long, which attack stored meals in domestic larders.

Flour, biscuits, cake mixes, cereals, spices, meat and soup powders will attract them, and they have even been discovered thriving on such poisonous elements as strychnine, belladonna and aconite – hence the beetle’s American title; Drug store Beetle.

They have been recognized to penetrate tin foil and lead, and have even bopink via a shelf-stuffed with books.

The white larvae are very small and somewhat active when they hatch. They feed and grow for approximately 4 months prior to knitting themselves cocoons of meals particles in which to pupate.

REMEDY: Throw out any infested meals and punctiliously blank out any food residues from spaces the place the beetles or their grubs are found; then use a puffer pack of insect powder or a family insecticide aerosol over the surfaces and into any crevices the place they may lurk. select a product labelled for the keep watch over of beetles.