Garden ants or black ants

Garden ants (also referred to as black ants) square measure the foremost common ant within the UK they’re terribly dark in color and live regarding 4mm long.

These ants usually live outside underneath patios, in lawns and trees, however generally, typically short whist hunt for food ants enter into faculties, kitchens, buildings and infrequently into our homes; accessing our property through doorways, windows or perhaps cracks within the walls. sometimes, an ants nest will unknowingly notice its manner into the masonry of a building, specifically around fireplaces wherever the ‘worker’ ants forage for food within the property.

In late July, because the wetness rises, black ants bear change; new selected queens and chosen males develop wings remodeling into ‘flying ants’. The queen ants mate and obtain new places to make their ant nests. If this happens inside it are often horrifying and annoying, and knowledgeable assistance is typically needed to get rid of these new fashioned ants nests.